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51. Januariveiling 2022


Auction on Thursday, January 6, 2022 from 10:00

Completed | Default auction

Kersenhouten dressoir
Starting price 300 EUR
Antiek damesbureau, 1900
Starting price 300 EUR
Kersenhouten hoekkast
Starting price 250 EUR
Italiaanse bijzettafel
Starting price 300 EUR
Engelse uittrektafel
Starting price 200 EUR
Wortelnoten vitrinekast
Starting price 800 EUR
Dubbelgebogen commode
Starting price 150 EUR
Franse naaitafel, 1860
Starting price 280 EUR
Kleine damessecretaire
Starting price 200 EUR
Antieke oorstoel
Starting price 250 EUR
Chesterfield bank
Starting price 90 EUR
Starting price 250 EUR
Miniatuur commode
Starting price 160 EUR