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Story behind the januaryauction

Klaas bernink (1913-1996)

This auction we again have various works by Klaas Bernink that always remain popular with our customers.

He made approximately a thousand paintings and drawings of mainly Twente landscapes, industry, town houses and farms. He did this in the second half of his life, after having worked as a textile worker for 25 years. Many private individuals bought his work.

After primary school, Klaas, who was the eldest of six children, worked as an errand boy for two years before entering the factory at the legally permitted age of 14. More than twenty-five years later, he is an experienced stronger (the man between the spinning mill and the weaving mill, who has to strengthen the threads in a glue bath) at Ramie Union.
He experiences factory work and the social environment as mind-numbing, but the library, harmony and his drawing supplies keep him going. When he hears that the brand new academy for visual arts AKI also offers a course for part-time study, he jumps in.

In 1954 he received the honorable invitation to become a member of the Twente art circle and to participate in an exhibition in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe. Factory sites are an important source of inspiration for him. He stylizes and abstracts and at a certain point arrives at an abstract-geometric formal language, a style that will later serve him well when making wall paintings in various schools in Enschede.

Another theme presents itself. When he cycles to the factory in the early morning hours, he sees the lonely sheds in the meadows, the inconspicuous buildings on the edge of the city. He paints them in modest sizes with polymer or acrylic paint. Tightly painted surfaces separated by a black contour in unusual color schemes.
Bernink opens the eyes of those around him to what will later be called urban conservation and municipal monument policy.

In the last years of his life he returns to the subjects of the early years. He paints the industry again. Now, however, without the frustrations that the theme used to arouse in him, but with the look and wisdom of the seventy-five year old that he is now. Industry, like farms, water mills, towns, houses and landscape, is a stage in the grand story of European civilization.

Source: Who's Who in Overijssel

JULyauction 2024:


thursday 4 JULy:

Categorie Aantal Aanvang
Zilver & Verzilverd 286 10:00 Uur
Sieraden 428 13:15 Uur
Schilderijen 440 18:00 Uur

friday 5 JULy

Categorie Aantal Aanvang
Diversen 380 10:00 Uur
Militaria 36 14:00 Uur
Poppen & Speelgoed 9 14:20 Uur
Klokken 138 14:25 Uur
Meubels 239 15:50 Uur
Tapijten 11 18:20 Uur
Brons & Beeldhouwkunst 93 19:10 Uur
Glas & Kristal 43 20:10 Uur
Porselein & Aardewerk 251 20:30 Uur

saturday 6 JULy

Categorie Aantal Aanvang
Aziatica 785 09:00 Uur



viewing days:

29 june: 10:00 - 17:00

30 june: 11:00 - 17:00

01 JULy: 10:00 - 18:00

consignment ends: 2 JUNe


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