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In the auction bids will occur with the following increments:


From € 0.00 to € 50.00:

with increments of € 5.00

From € 50.00 to € 200.00:

with increments of € 10.00

From € 200.00 to € 500.00:

with increments of € 25.00

From € 500.00 to € 1,000.00:

with increments of € 50.00

From € 1,000.00 to € 2,000.00:

with increments of € 100.00

From € 2,000.00 to € 10,000.00:

with increments of € 250.00

After € 10,000.00 and higher:

with increments of € 1,000


How does bidding work?

Bidding for the auction:

You can already place your maximum bids for the auction via the site. The auctioneer will then automatically bid on your behalf during the auction itself. As an example a lot with a starting price of 100 euros. You offer a maximum of 200 euros on your account (of course no one else knows what your maximum bid is, and vice versa).  As soon as a lot is being auctioned, the highest bidder is first mentioned accoring tot he correct increment. (Suppose 3 people have bid, 1 person to 100 euros, 1 person to 150 euros, and you to 200 euros. The auctioneer will then start with a bid of 160 euros on your behalf.)

  • Suppose no one else has made a pre-bid, the auctioneer will start on your behalf with a bid of 100 euros. If no one else is bidding, the lot will be sold to you for 100 euros.
  • If there is a bid in the room/phone of  110, the auctioneer will bid 120 euros on your behalf (since you have indicated that you want to go up to 200).
  • If 210 euros are bid from the room/phone, the auctioneer will indicate that you are not bidding further as a bidder and the lot will go to someone from the room.
The viewing days:

During the viewing days you can view each lot at our location. Also during the viewing days there are possibilities for giving out pre-bids. The appropriate forms are available on location during the viewing days.

Bidding during the auction:

If you have created an account and it has been approved, you can always bid during our live auction. As soon as the auction has started, you can participate in our auction online via the "LIVE AUCTION" button

Telephone bidding:

You can also bid via the telephone during the auction itself. Let us know on which lots you want to bid via the telephone and we will contact you as soon as the lot is on offer.

You can indicate this via your internet account (if you place pre-bids via the internet), via the written form during the viewing days or by contacting us.

Please keep in mind that all mentioned prices are excl. The 28% premium and 1 euro lot money.