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The sale of auction goods takes place in Enschede in our auction building at Weerseloseweg 355, against cash payment or PIN transaction, where the premium is 28%, including VAT and a number fee of € 1.00 is also charged per lot purchased. The sale takes place in the condition in which the lots to be auctioned are in and must be accepted by the buyers in the condition in which they are upon delivery, without any complaints being possible regarding the authenticity, quantity, description, size, hidden or visible defects, errors, for whatever reason. Recovery is not possible in any way, buyers must always accept the purchased item, reduction or refund of the purchase price is excluded. The auctioneer reserves the following rights:

1. He may refuse as bidder or buyer persons who refuse to identify themselves or for any other reason, without further explanation on his part.

2. He can change the order of the auction, combine lots, split them, remove them from auction or add them, re -auction them in the event of a dispute , correct mistakes made, hold up lots, demand full or partial payment for lots immediately after award. If a buyer refuses or is unable to pay, the auctioned item will be immediately re-auctioned . He can sell goods one bid below the limit agreed with the seller

Bidders cannot hide behind clients and are jointly and severally liable for what they buy. After allocation, purchases are entirely at the expense and risk of the buyers. If a buyer fails to pay the purchase price, the purchase price will be collected legally, with all judicial and extrajudicial costs being borne by the negligent buyer. Lots will only be delivered or may not be transported until they have been paid in full, including auction costs, or any other costs. Payment is made by means of legal tender. The term within which payment must be made has been irrevocably determined by the auctioneer, but always takes place within 5 days after allocation; debt settlement or discount is excluded. If the payment term is exceeded, storage costs of € 25.00 per day will be charged regardless of the amount of the invoice, and Twents Veilinghuis also has the right to terminate the purchase agreement. The goods in question can be resold privately or in a subsequent auction , the negligent buyer is liable for the lower proceeds and all other costs resulting from this. Visitors who enter the building or grounds do so at their own risk and cannot hold the owner or seller liable in any way for an accident that happens to them. Damage caused by visitors to exhibited goods, or to furnishings or buildings, will be borne by the person who caused the damage. Purchased lots can be shipped at the buyer's request at the buyer's expense and risk, with shipping costs, insurance and packaging costs being borne by the buyer. Disputes arising from sales will be decided by the auctioneer, this decision is irrevocable. Buyers cannot rely on ignorance of these conditions or on any other auction practice, they cannot file a claim against the auctioneer or one of his employees, or the bailiff/notary.

Paintings: When bidding on paintings, you only bid on the painting itself. Any frame is included as a gift.






Provided it is indicated that the buyer wants to bid by telephone, the starting price of the lot will automatically be included in the auction as a preliminary bid from this telephone bidder.



To serve everyone, we offer shipping options within Europe.


  • The packages are sent on behalf of and at the risk of the buyer.


  • Max. dimensions incl. packaging NL: 100x50x50cm.


  • Max. dimensions incl. packaging Abroad: 100x50x50cm.


  • The amounts mentioned are for packages with a value up to €500.00


Please note that even with online transfers it may take several days before an amount is credited to our account. The package will only be packed and sent after payment has been received.



Package 0-10 KG: € 17.50
Package 10-20KG: € 25.00


Package 0-10 KG: € 25.00
Package 10-20KG: € 35.00


Package 0-10 KG: €45.00
Package 10-20KG: €55.00


Package 0-10 KG: €55.00
Package 10-20KG: €60.00


Package 0-10 KG: €55.00
Package 10-20KG: €65.00


Package 0-10 KG: €70.00 - €125.00
Package 10-20KG: €125.00 - €250.00

For packages with a value above 500 euros and/or dimensions outside the stated maximum dimensions, please contact us about the costs.



General terms and conditions under which goods are accepted for public sale of goods, by/on behalf of Twents Veilinghuis in Enschede.

1. In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply: Seller: Twents Veilinghuis Contributor: the person in whose name the goods have been submitted. Auction: any (public) auction held or carried out by or on behalf of the seller.

2. These conditions apply to all parts of the relationship between seller and contributor. These conditions can only be deviated from in writing. All prices are exclusive of sales tax and other levies that may be imposed by the government.

3. It is assumed that no minimum price (limit) applies to all goods delivered to the seller, unless otherwise instructed. The contributor authorizes the seller to sell the contributed goods under auction terms and conditions to be determined by the auctioneer, as well as on a day to be determined by the seller. The seller reserves the right to refuse goods without giving reasons and can refrain from selling goods at any time.

4. The seller determines when the goods will be sold. The interests of the contributor will be taken into account as much as possible. If, on the instructions of the consignor, the goods may not be put up for auction, the seller will charge the consignor custody fees and/or storage costs.

5. Contributors are entitled to withdraw an auction order at any time. In this case, the seller reserves the right to charge 40% of the amount according to the agreed limit.

6. Goods may be limited for auction. The order for this must be given in writing by the contributor. If the set price is not reached, the contributor will owe (withdrawal) costs according to the rate included in Article 7 below. If goods are repurchased at an auction by or on behalf of a consignor, the seller will be entitled to charge both the purchase and the sales price.

7. The sales commission of 30% (unless otherwise agreed in the auction order) is calculated on the proceeds, with a minimum of € 3.50 per lot. The costs for holding up are €3.50 per lot. Advance payments and/or out-of-pocket costs, such as gold and silver tax, transport and/or expedition costs, are always borne by the contributor. A previously agreed fee will be charged for the transport of goods carried out by personnel of/on behalf of the seller. Costs incurred at the request of the contributor in connection with the issuance of a catalog can always be charged to the contributor. Settlement and payment will take place as much as possible within 4 weeks after the day of sale. If a buyer fails to pay for and/or collect the goods purchased by the buyer, the sales transaction must be regarded as not having taken place with regard to the consignor.

8. The goods will be handled by the seller with the utmost care. Until the moment of transfer to the buyer by the seller, all risks remain at the expense of the contributor. The seller is not liable for any loss or damage to the goods, unless the seller can be accused of intent and/or gross negligence. The submitter is liable for all damage caused by the submitted objects.

9. The contributor must identify himself upon the seller's first request. The consignor guarantees the authenticity of the contributed goods and also guarantees that he, as owner or otherwise, is entitled to offer the objects for auction and indemnifies the seller against all claims from third parties. At the first request of the seller, the consignor is obliged to provide the auctioneer with information regarding the origin of the goods and to substantiate this with evidence. The contributor is liable for damage resulting from the provision of incorrect or misleading information and/or other circumstances attributable to the contributor and indemnifies the seller against all claims from third parties. The contributor declares that the sale of the objects at auction is not hindered by national or international legal provisions.

10. The seller is authorized, without prior notice to the consignor: - to open all packaging and closures and to take those measures that the seller deems useful in connection with the preservation of the item; - to process goods or have them processed, which could positively influence the outcome of the auction; The costs incurred in connection with disclosure, preservation or processing are borne by the consignor.

11. In principle, the contributor must insure and/or keep insured the contributed goods himself. At the express request of the contributor, the seller can insure the goods or have them insured at the expense of the contributor.

12. Goods are returned to the consignor or to a person authorized in writing by the consignor. The seller is entitled to retain the goods until the consignor has fully fulfilled his payment obligation to the seller.